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Outfit Bradford

Unit 17a, Retail Park, 17 Forster Ct, Bradford, BD1 4RN UK
53 Valley Road Bradford England BD1 4RN GB
wheelchair AccessibleAccessible Parking Bay AvailableDisabled Toilet AvailableInduction Loop System AvailableRegistered assistance Dogs
Disabled Access Guide:

Parking Facilities


  • There is a safe setting down point with dropped kerbs close to the main entrance
  • There are designated accessible parking bays for customers
  • There is the international symbol for access at each accessible parking bay
  • There is a step-free and safe route to the entrance from the parking bays
  • The disabled parking spaces are less than 50 meters from the main disabled access
  • The car park surface is smooth, and slip resistant
  • The car park surface is on level ground
  • There are no obstacles that could prevent wheelchair access from the parking area to the main path


Paths and Landscaping


  • The path to the main entrance is of solid construction
  • The path is free of undulations
  • The paths are free of obstacles that could cause a problem
  • The footways are not in good repair
  • The route is well-lit



Entrance should be accessible and clearly visible

  • The accessible entrance is easily recognizable and sign posted
  • The entrance is free from any obstacles that would hinder wheelchair access
  • The entrance is step free
  • The doors are automatic
  • The entrance is large enough for a wheelchair user and an assistant


Route to Main Service Areas


  • The floor on route to the main service area or reception area is not a smooth slippery material
  • The floor at the main service area does not have a high gloss or sheen
  • The floor covering on route to the main service desk is in good condition
  • There are no steps or obstacles on route to the reception or main service desk


Main Service Area

It is important that business can be carried out smoothly for all customers

  • The reception point allows space for wheelchair users to gain access to the reception point
  • There is a portable hearing induction loop available at the main service desk/counter
  • There is clearly identifiable signage that can be seen from the reception point and throughout the store to indicate different areas of the store


Toilet Facilities

If toilet facilities are available to members of the public it could be discriminatory to exclude that facility to a person with disability

  • The toilet facilities are for staff only but in case of an emergency, permission may be granted
  • There is a wheelchair accessible toilet
  • The toilet is located on an accessible route that is obstruction free
  • The toilet facilities are clearly signed with signage


Accessible Changing Facilities


  • There are accessible changing facilities available


Horizontal Circulation

Main circulation areas should be kept accessible and free from obstacles

  • The general wheelchair accessibility of the property is good
  • The general lighting within the building is good
  • The general background noise in the building is good


Vertical Circulation


  • Vertical Circulation can be achieved using stairs and a passenger lift


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