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East Kilbride Seventh-day Adventist Church

EK SDA Logo.jpg
EK SDA Logo.jpg
Cedar Drive, Greenhills, East Kilbride, G75 9HS
26 Saint Andrews Court East Kilbride Scotland G75 9LN GB
wheelchair Accessible Disabled Toilet Available Accessibilities for People with Visual Impairment Material in Large Print available on request Induction Loop System Available Staff have attended Disability Equality Training Staff can provide support wheelchair users Staff can provide support people with visual impairment Dementia FrriendsRegistered assistance Dogs Family Dogs Allowed
Disabled Access Guide:

East Kilbride Seventh-day Adventist Church uses the St Andrews Methodist Church facilities.



  • There is good signage to identify the business from the street (Easy to read)


Parking Facilities


  • There is a safe setting down point with dropped kerbs close to the main entrance
  • There are no designated accessible parking bays for customers
  • There is a step-free and safe route to the entrance from the parking bays


Paths and Landscaping


  • There are accessible routes and crossing points to get to the facility
  • There are clear footways to the entrance that are reasonably level
  • The path is free of obstacles (Boards, vending machines, displays etc.) that could cause a problem
  • The footways are in good repair
  • The pathway is well lit




  • The entrance is easy to identify with good signage, lighting and visual contrast
  • The entrance is made up of glazed panels or a glazed door; there are contrasting markings (manifestation) in place to prevent customers colliding with them
  • The entrance is step free
  • The door is light and easy to open
  • The entrance(s) doors are wide enough
  • There are weather mats of a firm durable material (not coir) and not presenting a tripping hazard


Alternative Entrance


  • There is an alternative ramped entrance for wheelchair users


Internal signage


  • Signage is clear and simple with easy to read font
  • Signage has mixed case letters
  • Signage has with large font size
  • Signage has mixed case letters
  • Signage has good colour contrast
  • Signage has symbols used where required


Routes and layout


  • Wheelchair or pushchair users, can move easily along aisles or between displays or tables
  • Internal doors are easy and light to open with suitable handles
  • Internal doors are wide enough
  • Floors and wall surfaces are well maintained not slippery or reflective
  • Seating is flexible to allow different layouts
  • There is space for a wheelchair user to sit alongside a companion
  • There is space for an assistance dog to sit alongside a chair, or for a mobility aid
  • There is a induction loop system in the main hall


Toilet Facilities

If toilet facilities are available to members of the public it could be discriminatory to exclude that facility to a person with a disability

  • There is an accessible toilet facility
  • People are invited to use the toilet facilities


Main circulation areas should be kept accessible and free from obstacles

  • The general wheelchair accessibility of the property is good
  • The general lighting within the building is good
  • The general background noise in the building is good


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