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Help and Support For Disabled People to Plan Their Accommodation, Travel and Shopping

A very warm welcome from all the team at View Open Doors
  • View Open Doors was set-up to help guide disabled people on how well local businesses cater for their needs

  • Not For Profit Company

    View Open Doors is a not for profit organisation that uses the funds it generates to help and improve the lives of people with disabilities.

  • Are Your Doors Open For Business?

    View Open Doors UK  is a website dedicated to giving people with disabilities useful information on where they can safely and comfortably Shop, Stay and Eat etc.

    View Open Doors gives help to others by giving them access to our nationwide disability audit data to help them search for and plan their accommodation, travel and shopping needs.

    It is hoped this website will also act as a platform to promote all the many fine local businesses who have taken steps to help accommodate the needs of their disabled customers.

    Let’s try and get all Service Providers to have their business Open for all People with Disabilities

  • We Protect Your Business

    Are you losing customers and business by not having an open door policy?

    We help guide local and national businesses on how well  they cater for disabled peoples needs.

    Are You Open To Prosecution?

    We assist service providers with their duty under the Equality Act 2010.

    The Act states that “All service providers must carry out an access audit by a suitably qualified person and act upon the recommendations”.

    The Act also states that “All reasonable adjustments should be made”

    Any service provider who does not have an access audit carried out and does not make any reasonable adjustments can be prosecuted in a court of law.

    The maximum fine for injury to feelings can be up to £35,000

    And the best way to find out what your ‘reasonable adjustments’ are is by arranging an access audit.

  • We Provide Expert Disability Access Audits

    Our partnership company esl-services has been conducting official disabled access audits (now mandatory by law for any business with public access) for over 15 years now, assisting companies fulfil their obligations with the Equality Act 2010.

    ESL Services offer a full-service range of professional, cost-effective and bespoke packages to help and support disabled people and all types of businesses throughout the UK.

    With an excellent reputation, unique expertise and truly National coverage, ESL Services are proud to have helped, advised and supported some of the very biggest and most successful High Street stores improve their disabled access by providing Disability Access Audits, Access Statements, Access Strategy Reports, Compliance Training and Accessibility Solutions.

  • Add Your Business

    Maximise your financial turnover, credibility and reputation as a business that supports disabled access.

    13.9 Million People in the UK which is 1 in 5 of the population have a disability and they have a combined annual spending on goods and services estimated in excess of £249 billion.

    People with disabilities on average may account for up to 20% of all customers.

    Improving access for disabled customers is an investment for the future of your business, it will increase your businesses financial turnover and quite simply, is an opportunity too good to miss.

    If you would like to include your business in this directory, please give us details of any Access Audits which have already been carried out.

    If you are a new business, or have still to obtain an audit, we would be delighted to arrange either a Full Access Audit,  or a Walk-through Audit by our fully-trained Regional Auditors.